Our Need


Social support is THE biggest way you can help us out, even above financial support. First and foremost we want to build a trusted community of viewers not a bank account. If you believe in our cause to create high-quality, Christian entertainment we ask that you share our vision in any and all of your applicable social circles. In other words… GET THE WORD OUT! We thank you in advance for your shares and your prayers!


Of course money matters. We intend to be responsible stewards of every resource entrusted to us, including your financial support. As we mentioned before, this is not a hobby project, but rather a committed effort to build and grow a sustainable Christian entertainment company. Especially as we get off the ground we will require a significant degree of initial financial backing. This backing will be sought after from private donors and also from crowdfunding sources to be determined in the near future.


We have already assembled an existing network of highly trusted and skilled artists and technicians that have repeatedly demonstrated a love for their craft, an eye for excellence, and passion for our vision. We are confident that this team will get us off the ground and headed in the right direction. Hopefully, we will outgrow this team and expand beyond our existing artist network. When this happens we will carefully consider enlisting outside talent. That said, if you would like to send us a single email with your resume/CV to “talent AT wesrose DOT com” we would love to keep it on file (please don’t send repeated follow ups, we will be in touch if/when we decide to reach back out).

WHAT NEXT? — Sign up for our NEWSLETTER! It will be the easiest way for us to keep you informed about our progress as we get started and beyond!