Our Vision


To create Christian-themed media designed to teach, inspire, entertain. We seek to build trust with our audiences by producing high-quality, family entertainment.


Many of our stories will have strong teaching components. Using parable-like messages and influences we intend to embed Biblically-sound instruction into our films. Some of the projects may have overt Biblical references, while others may draw upon analogy or inference.


Messages of transformation and hope. These types of stories may include non-fictional accounts of people leaning on Jesus while enduring hardship. They may also be fictional tales that challenge conventional thinking and cultural assumptions.


Entertainment is not a bad word. It is an experiential conduit that tells stories through the sustained attention of an audience. By this definition we believe that we can produce wholesome, family stories that uphold Biblical principles and are also simply fun to watch.


All ages, but not necessarily within the same project. Our initial plans are targeted towards younger audiences, but we have intentions to produce various projects that span age ranges and demographics.


High production quality is not optional. Just because a piece of content is Christian-themed doesn’t mean it’s good entertainment on that basis alone. We are participating in a visual medium that demands excellence in all areas of production. We will aim for very high-quality storytelling and production standards, taking every opportunity to innovate around challenges to deliver films with narrative depth and audio/visual excellence.

We need a plan and we have one…