Our History


WesRose Entertainment was officially founded as a company in 2010, but our roots date back to the late 1980s. Even as a young child filmmaker John Stalker experimented with telling stories to his family and friends by making movies. Initially inspired by films like E.T., An American Tail, and Willow he was constantly trying to recreate similar experiences of discovery, survival, and adventure. In order to effectively entertain audiences on a larger scale John knew that he needed to get better at the craft of filmmaking. A lot better.


Before the advent of modern digital cameras and computers, John was using the tools of his generations to make short films, including VHS camcorders and multi-tape dubbing players. His early works, though crude, were a testament to his commitment to tell stories despite a lack of “real resources.”

Over the years, John started a wedding videography business, successfully telling stories to perhaps the most demanding audience: BRIDES!  He went on to finish his film degree at San Jose State University, completing a 5-minute, computer-animated short film, “Marbellious”, that was submitted to Pixar Animation Studios for internship consideration. John was also nominated for best screenplay at the SJSU film festival for his feature film, “Nearsighted.”

For 12 years and counting, John has served as the Media Pastor at Family Community Church, where he built a video/photo stage and produce thousands of Bible-based short films and promotional video spots. In this role John realized that entertainment could be a redemptive conduit if the production quality was held to high standards.

Since 2013, John has also been growing Creative Bay Media, a commercial production company that produces award-winning media for corporate clientele.


The dream of Wesrose Entertainment has been in the works for years, and we believe the vision has matured and demands action. Establishing a big vision that has been years in the making…