Our Plan


WesRose Entertainment is our responsibility. It is a way for us to provide a trusted source of family entertainment to people around the world. We have a plan to build sustainable production models whereby we can responsibly rollout new entertainment content based upon viewer support. We aim to fulfill our pledge of creating high-quality content, and we believe that our audiences will reciprocate in the form of social sharing and financial support. This leads to one of our core beliefs: the trust that our audience bestows upon our work is MORE IMPORTANT to us than the financial support we receive. We will work to stay solvent as a company, and grow the volume of material that we produce, but not at the expense of losing the trust of our audience. To validate this belief, we have two umbrella approaches that we believe will build audience trust and business solvency:


Freemium content is the key to audience accessibility and awareness. As far as we can imagine there will ALWAYS be certain types of content that we give away freely across our distribution channels. It will be great content, not second-rate.


Premium content, licensing, & merchandising is a way to achieve monetization and company growth. Producing high-quality media is expensive. We will use our breadth of artistic and technical experience to create high yields within the resources that we earn. We will create companion products in the form of physical/digital disc compilations and bonus material that offers added value to existing freemium content. We will seek distribution royalties through organizations that could benefit from our content on their channels. We will also seek licensing and merchandising opportunities in various capacities, including our own online storefront and potentially from third-parties.


We plan to create a branded series of short, online films called “Short ‘n Sweet”. This will be an animated series, featuring brief messages from two animated candy corn chefs. Each episode will feature a simple, Biblical message using confectionary metaphors and slapstick antics to tell a witty and entertaining story that is both short and sweet. To accomplish this please read on about our need…